Series 1,2,3, Defender V8, Tdi, 2.8i, Discovery 1 V8, Tdi, Range Rover Classic + 4.6

10,000 Km Service Schedule

Up to 1998 models

· Additional work
· Spark plugs
· Brake pads
· Brake disks or skimming
· Cambelt
· Wiper blades
· Headlamp globes
· Top up oils/fluids
  Add new engine oil (Shell Helix/Shell Rimula) to spec
Adjust handbrake
Check condition & operation of all seat belts & report
Check condition of all tyres & report
Check condition of exhaust system & report
Check condition of propshafts & report
Check condition of steering assy & report
Check condition of suspension bushes & report
Check condition of wiper blades & report
Check front differential oil level
Check gearbox oil level
Check hoses for condition / leaks & report
Check hydraulic fluid levels
Check hydraulic system for condition / leaks & report
Check operation of all lights, indicators, wipers, hooter etc & report
Check operation of door locks & report
Check operation of electric windows & sun roofs & report
Check rear differential oil level
Check transfer box oil level
Check universal joints
Check v belts (excl cam belts) & report
Check, tighten, clean battery clamps
Clean air filter
Drain engine oil
Fit new oil filter with new sump plug washer
Hand wash & vacuum interior
Lubricate all door hinges
Road test & report additional faults
Top up engine coolant reservoir (water)
Top up windscreen washer fluid
Visual check & report on condition of discs & pads